Meet the enigmatic, multi-talented Scott King

Author PhotoBritain is known for their royalty, and although he’s a King, I’m not sure if he has blue blood running through his veins. I think the ladies out there will agree he’s definitely hot-blooded. Then again, that just might be our temperature rising when we cast our eyes on this model and fitness expert.

Giving birth to a novel is a process with a lot of working parts. One of them is finding a cover. Some authors create it before a story is written. For me, it’s the last step. The men who go on the covers of my books aren’t stock hotties. They become part of my team. I and my novel become part of their existence. It’s important that the man on the cover reflects the character in the book.

Scott and I were introduced as a potential cover model, and we ended up friends. He intrigued me because at thirty-eight it isn’t easy to compete with young models. Working with men like Scott who understand that life has twists, turns, and a few speed bumps to ramble over, benefit both of us.

The Indie world of writing is all about stroking together as a team. I envision it as a ladder. There’s someone ahead of me on a higher rung, but they reach back and take my hand and pull me up. Suzan Tisdale, a talented author did this for me. She shared her experiences so I could have a clearer picture of the horizon. I in turn, try to pay it forward. (Love that movie) Whether it’s another author, graphic designer, model, editor or publisher, we’re all a piece of the process. Together, Indie has taken the world by storm, and given voice and exposure to people who didn’t get the opportunity in a tight traditional world.

Scott is a man who has the body to make any girl shiver, but what shocked me was how humble and real he is.

Scott K

With a heart of gold he walks through life unafraid of change. He loves his son. His faith in God is strong, and he’s a loyal friend. He’s full-steam-ahead toward making his tomorrows amazing. Like me, he reinvented himself several times. If someone told me I’d be writing books and people would actually read them ten years ago, I would have suggested they seek out some strong medication. Scott has morphed from a cocoon to become something new a couple times over. He’s been a hair stylist in upscale London. He was a boxer, and from there someone said, “Yuh know, I think I should take your picture.”

You’ll be seeing Scott on three of my covers. My street team, Waters’ Warriors, decided on the book’s name last night. I keep my team boutique style. Tight-knit. We’ve gone through a lot of personal challenges, and I see them as part of my family now. Of course no author has one as good as mine!

The name of my next stand alone novel will be “Twila’s Tempest” which will hopefully be published by the end of summer. Scott is beefing up those muscles into prime condition. He’ll be shooting with the amazing Simon Barnes, and one of the images will go on Twila’s Tempest.

After ten years of serving the Navy, Drake Addison throws his dog tags in a drawer and uses his degree in Naval architecture to design yachts for Miami’s elite. Visiting his parents in St. Lucie, he listens to his mother gush about the beautiful Twila Carlisle for the umpteenth time. His business doesn’t allow any time for picket fences and making babies, but when he finally lays eyes on the gentle creature his mother prodded him to meet, Drake’s curiosity is drawn to Twila and her selfless acts of kindness.
Twila closes her geriatric business and moves in with her mom at the Gold Pelican retirement park to care for her during her final days. Her tireless efforts to help other aging residents distracts her grief after her mother passes away. When Becka Addison, Drake’s mother, plays matchmaker, Twila resists. Becka’s seventy-fifth birthday celebration brings them together, and one epic misunderstanding with Drake’s model girlfriend has Twila taking cover from the wealthy, pampered, she-wolf who demands all of Drake’s attention.
The handsome, successful Drake brushes shoulders with Miami’s prosperous crowd, a lifestyle she’s not interested in, but when he reveals his thoughtful, charismatic side and offers to teach her about the ocean, Twila takes a tentative step to learn a little more, and winds up in the heart of a storm.
A quick round of questions for Scott King

What goes through your mind when you’re being photographed?

That’s a great question. During a shoot different kinds of emotions go though my mind. Emoting plays a big role in my presentation. I want my pictures to be thought provoking so your mind will explore and question what my image is trying say.


Will England always be your home, or would you like to live somewhere else?

I love my country, but I have a love for Canada and the USA. I traveled all over Europe as a young man and loved every minute. I can tell you so many stories, some good and some not so good. I am fortunate to have friends in these amazing countries. The relationships I have developed are very special and like family. I look forward to one day being “across the pond” to meet and share good times with friends there.



I love to work-out and do gym classes. But I have a love for superheroes. I collect old school comic books, be it DC Comics or Marvel. Some Sundays you will find me relaxing at comic trade shows, looking for a classic comic books to read. This is the geek in me. I still gotta have my comics to read.


If you had a chance to meet someone who’s inspired you, who would it be and why?

I would definitely like to meet Clark Kent aka Superman, The Man of Steal. He deeply inspired me as a child. I was an adopted kid, somewhat independent and way too proud to tell my mum. I often turn my hopes and dreams toward fantasy, toward “Superman”, who would save me in some way. It seems funny now, looking back.


Are you a country or a city kinda guy?

I now live in the citSK Cowboyy, but want to one day settle in the county, ride horses and live the rest of my life with my true love and our family. Even though I am a single guy, nearly 38 years old, I feel my my soul mate is still out there, somewhere waiting to meet me.


Has fame changed you at all, and how do you keep yourself grounded?

Fame has not changed me. I’m just me. I know where I come from, who I am with a good mind on where I am going. If anything, I’m now more grounded and happier than I’ve ever been in my life.

Is there anything you have to sacrifice for your dreams to come true?

Sacrificing for dreams is reality for the successful. Earlier in my life I decided to give a year toward becoming a fitness model. In the beginning life challenges and pressures seemed impossible to overcome. I was without sponsorship and had very low personal income. I went into car boot sales, buying and selling anything I could to make a profit so I could invest in my body. I needed protein powder, vitamins, gym memberships and most importantly rent to keep a house overhead for me my son. Things are better now and I am glad I made it through those necessary sacrifices. I am a better man as result.


Now what the ladies really want to know…quick questions and answers


Brunette, blonde or redhead?


Skinny, curvaceous, doesn’t matter?

Doesn’t matter

A beautiful soul or a pretty face?

A beautiful soul

Thick steak or hot dogs done over a campfire?

Thick steak

Dogs or cats?


Laying on a beach with your sweetheart or curled up in front of fire?

Curled up in front of a fire

Romantic with a slow burn or “let’s get down to it”?

(Laughs) Definitely romantic with a slow burn

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  • Thank you for your kind words, Natasza! We’re all in this together, right? 😀 And your model? Holy Guacamole Gertrude!! He is GORGEOUS!! Nice interview. 😀


  • Excellent interview of Scott – and really enjoyed reading up on him. There’s more to the model than his handsome face.

  • Jamallah Bergman

    Great interview about such a wonderful & caring man 🙂

  • This was an amazing interview and I’m proud to have been the catalyst that started this partnership by introducing you. I am so happy for your success. (Both of you )
    Love you guys! Xoxox

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    Wonderful interview about a wonderful man! I love reading about people who have a clear view of the bigger picture, and what love and life are all about. I wish you both all the success in the world. <3

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