Music Inspiring Code Name: Luminous

John Legend – “All Of Me”

Soaking wet with the words pouring down on the paper, I write Code Name: Luminous. Struggling with the past, and where he comes from, Tony held himself back in many ways. Lumin shimmered in the back of his mind since he left her in Las Vegas on the steps of Porter’s mansion. He sees that moment in his mind almost every night, but workups for the next deployment kept him from calling her. Least, that’s what he tells himself. Lumin’s call for help has his SEAL ass on a plane within an hour. Tony Tinman Bale has found a light to follow.

Child of Light

Avicii – “Hey Brother”

We all have to die. It’s just a matter of when and how, and who will love us even when we’re gone.
Uncle Kracker – “Drift Away”

It was good back then, and it’s still hits the pulse now.

Luke Bryan – “Blood Brothers”