Music Inspiring His Perfect Imperfection

“Uninvited” – Alanis Morisette – Cain lives in a glass house perched on a cliff. He’s been walking through life in a wasteland he created. Mika, a young woman not only moves into his cottage, but his life. He is beauty, she is the beast. He abused love until he was broken inside. She shunned it, believing she is damaged on the outside. They both have something to learn, and they’ll find it together.


“You give Love a Bad Name” – The gang invites Cain to the Bon Jovi concert.


Bittersweet For Mika’s mother.


On Cain’s birthday, he shares with Mika what he is and what he’ll never be, but hidden in his words is what he desires.


Cain takes Mika home to Greece; the starting point, where he’ll erase the past and begin again.


Sequestered in her cottage, Cain reaches out to Mika the only way he can.


Happy Endings