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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, friends, but I’ve been motivated into action by Anna Katmore to participate in the MWP blog tour. The idea is to explain how I write by answering four questions.

I met Anna Katmore through InD’tale Magazine. I review for the mag and the network of wonderful authors I’ve gotten to know is growing all the time. Anna lives in Europe, and with an adventurer’s heart she climbed onboard a plane and joined us last summer in Las Vegas for the R.O.N.E. awards. We were so glad to see her there and get to know her. I keep an eye on her, although she probably doesn’t know that. I really enjoy her site and her blogs

Here’s the answers to those four little questions

How does Natasza craft a tale?


1. What am I working on?

Book Three in A Warrior’s Challenge series – Code Name: Nina’s Choice is in my editor’s trusty hands. There will be a total of seven books in the series. The literary world defines it as Military/Suspense Romance. I dedicated this series to not only the warriors that keep us safe from dark things, but their partners in life who are strong enough to stand beside them. There’s some “hard” subject matter like PTSD, separation while deployed, temptation, injury, failing, succeeding and love. Definitely not for the weak hearted. At times the reader will be so lured into the character’s trauma they’ll feel like hurling their e-reader, but that’s the point. To feel what they feel, but just as in life, you’ll find humor, sweetness, tears and jaw dropping moments inside my novels.

Code Name: Nina’s Choice will be available in May 2014.


CodeNameGhost_SM  CodeName_KylasFire_LRG2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My debut novel was about a gal in the Coast Guard who takes her protégés on a vacation and runs into a Los Angeles business man with eyes like polar ice and a reputation with the ladies. His heart is the same temperature as his eyes until they fall on Moira who’s sitting at a Blackjack table with him. The story takes a twist when Steven Porter tries to hide who he is, and Moira tries to hide her curse. It’s a little, steamy nugget that not many readers have found, but they love it when they do. People say, “Write what you know.” So I did, but when the idea of sliding into a military series entered my head I thought about authors like Elle Kennedy and Suzanne Brockmann who also write military romance to varying degrees. I probably sway more toward Suz, but I’ll never walk away from an “Elle” book. My stories are different because I’ve served the Coast Guard for thirty years. I mix in a lot of real life situations and spin them on the floor like a bottle, slap a fiction label on it and go to town on my keyboard. I have access to plenty of book fodder in my world and you’ll always find the sea is somewhere close by. My current series is about US Navy SEALs, and if you haven’t read my books yet, you’ll find that there is always a Canadian in it somewhere.

3. Why do I write what I write?

I have so much to draw from in the marine environment and so many years of experience it’s a given I’m going to take a path that meanders into the Navy or the Coast Guard or something wet! Romance writing has a restorative factor to it. My books always have a HEA, and I believe that love, hope and faith walk hand in hand in our lives. I’ve seen some nasty things in my time, and since I’m at the helm of my pen, I make sure to write an optimistic end to my stories even if the trip there encounters heavy seas.

4. How does my writing process work?

Process? Hmm, that would allude to some kind of organization. Here’s the thing! In my “real” job I have to be ultra-organized, and I work a lot of hours. When I finally get a few days off and turn to my computer, I’m hell-bent on getting everything I can saved on that hard drive. I do use an outline, but it’s short and in point form. I set out the arc, black moments, characters, and where I want them to be at the end of the story. The rest of the process is writing a lot of garbage before I wade through the words and kick out the golden nuggets I want to keep. I edit many times over. I’m jealous of fast efficient authors who can get it right the first time. That’s not me, my mind is a kaleidoscope of crazy so I let it have free reign until I’ve got a story flushed out. Then I put all the crazy in the barn and start brushing down the story.

Now, how does this blog continue? I’m going to tag a couple authors and on April 7th you can read all about their writing process on their sites. Okay, here’s who I tag:

Sheri Fredricks: Sheri and I met last summer. It was at the RNC and it was brief, but as the months began to pass I got to know this incredible lady and her writing. She has two books of her series out for consumption and that’s what you’ll do—consume it in one sitting. Paranormal fantasy is her forte and as a RONE winner this gal knows how to spin a story. Remedy Maker and Troll-y Yours are both available from all retailers. This lady likes to play with prose, but not to the point of deep purple. Her characters are very, very sexy and drool worthy.

Brenda Dyer: Here’s the weird thing about Brenda and I. We live close by. Just a ferry ride away, but our two BFF’s live in California and about an hour or so away from each other. Author’s make the wildest friends. Brenda and her vampire series is “THE BOMB”. Love’s Prophecy and Prophecy’s Child are set in Vancouver and man does she ever have a new swing on things.

I’ve got to let go the lines and get this ship sailing. I’ll leave you to check out Sheri and Brenda, April 7th. Two of the finest lady authors I’m honored to know.

Have a great week, everyone!



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  • I grooved to the band Deep Purple before. Far-out! Thank you for tagging me (we’ll discuss that later) and tagging my BFF, Brenda Dyer. 🙂 Most of all, I’m looking forward to a time when the four of us can enjoy a glass or two of wine with a view of beautiful Vancouver.

  • Tonya

    Your books are amazing and your writing astounds me every time!!! I guess they would have to be amazing, since you are one amazing woman! My wish is that everyone out there finds out what an awe inspiring author you are!!! As far as Brenda and Sheri are concerned, they rank right up there along side of you!!! Outstanding authors….all three of you!

  • voice

    Thank you Tonya. Kind words!


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