Pre-Release Blitz and Sale, Twila’s Tempest

I’m excited to release my newest romance adventure, Twila’s Tempest. There’s two giveaways this month and Twila’s Tempest is on sale for 99 cents until midnight June 19th, 2016.

The Treasure Coast. Balmy nights. One very hot yacht builder named Drake and a sweet but courageous gal by the name of Twila are about to launch themselves on one very romantic adventure.

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Who is Drake Addison?

he hands of my team, but I’m pleased to be here.” Brilliant green eyes glint with mischief. “Don’t mind a day off once in a while.”

Nat: “So, you used to be a Marine, correct?”

Drake: “Ten years. A few deployments. Lucky I came home on two legs.”

Nat: “You left that all behind and became a ship builder?”

Drake: He nods. “I threw my dog tags in the drawer and took a chance on building a yacht. My ninety foot prototype was a grind, but with my degree in naval architecture and some help from a few backers, the Rebecca became a reality. Once she was built, it was a challenge competing with other builders to prove she was a sturdy ship and attract buyers.”

Nat: “You had a little help there, didn’t you? I saw they call you the dark horse.”

Drake: “I did. Mother Nature gave us a run for our money. And yeah, I’ve heard that too. At the time I wasn’t into the party scene anymore. Been there and done that. For the last five years, I’ve been concentrating on meeting the contracts for my clients.”massage

Nat: “Heard you were a bit of a manwhore before you met Twila and you had a model as a girlfriend.”

Drake: He shifts in his seat. “Heather wasn’t really my girlfriend.” He shifts again. “We had an agreement.”

Nat: “Uh-huh, as in no strings attached. Friends with benefits, kind of agreement?”

Drake: He looks a little uncomfortable, even though it’s hard for a man that handsome to look anything other than handsome. He gnaws on his lip a little before answering. “I work long hours. Until Twila, my first love was ship building. Heather and I—we—uh, guess we scratched an itch when needed.”

Nat: “That doesn’t really sound like love.”

Drake: “Wasn’t, but try explaining that to a girl you just met and want to know better.”

Nat: “You’re talking about when you met Twila.”

Drake: “I took two weeks off to visit the folks and celebrate my mom’s seventieth birthday. They live in a little retirement park in Port St. Lucie.”

Nat: “And what happened when you went to visit?”

Drake: He chuckles and gives me a grin to melt a girls panties. “Twila happened. Marriage wasn’t my thing. At the time Heather’s friends had pastors and lawyers on their speed dial. I didn’t need a wedding ring or a picket fence.”

Nat: “Heather comes from a very wealthy family. Wouldn’t you two have made a perfect match?”

Drake: “We came from opposite ends of the food chain. I’m grassroots.”

Nat: “What attracted you to Twila?”

Drake: He looks a little dazed. “Other than her sweet smile? How hard she worked to take care of my parents and the other seniors in the park. I guess it was just all of her. I respected her. We were friends first. Least that’s what I tried to tell myself.”

Nat: “Okay, let’s talk about living on the Treasure Coast? Have you lost any ships to hurricanes? It’s a gamble living there isn’t it?”

Drake: “Love the Keys. Love Florida. Yes, it can be a risk, but I know my way around the ocean, but I made a fatal mistake.”

Nat: “Which was?”

Drake: “I misjudged Twila’s courage. Her need to protect everyone and everything. I made up an excuse to stay in Port St. Lucie and teach Twila everything I knew about the ocean and the Rebecca after we met.”

Nat: “Doesn’t so sound so bad.”

Drake: “It wasn’t. It gave me time to be with her. To prove that maybe I wasn’t the manwhore she thought I was.” He cracks his cut jaw to a hard edge. “But we didn’t know at the time one of the worst storms of the century was headed our way.”

Nat: “You ran for cover?”

Drake: “I had to return to the Keys and my business, but I made the mistake of underestimating Twila. She was a fast learner, and I should have known she’d try to save what she thought meant the most to me, not realizing it was her.”

Nat: “That sounds ominous.”

Drake: “Never been more scared in my life.”

Nat: “Because you almost lost the Rebecca?”

Drake: He stares at a point over my shoulder. “Because I almost lost Twila.”

Nat: “But you didn’t.”

Drake: His eyes brighten. “No, I didn’t. When a man meets the woman he’s going to spend the rest of his life with, not even a hurricane can keep him from being with her.”

Nat: “Thanks for spending some time with us, Drake. Can’t wait for readers to spend some time with you and Twila. Your story is pretty amazing.”

Wishing you always,

Love, Hope and Faith



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