Welcome to “Voice between the lines”, a site dedicated to storytelling, and a salute to sweet dreams.

My name is Natasza Waters, and I have a passion for writing. When people ask what I write, I say “A cup full of romance with a twist of steam.” When they raise their brows, I just grin. Love is one of our finest virtues, and from it, all the other virtues are made possible. You’ll probably see that often in my novels. Hope, faith and love keep us grounded and real. Truth, trust and forgiveness deliver our challenges.

I don’t think it’s possible to have a passion for writing, if you don’t have one for reading first. My parents were avid readers, and I became one as well. When I was little, mom would read to me every night. She showed me how wonderful escaping into the pages of a book and finding the adventures that lay within were.

Last summer I began to write again, after a long hiatus, and it became a serious affliction. One—that there is no cure—except to keep writing. Those closest to me have encouraged me to keep telling stories. So story telling you’ll get.

I invite you to come back from time to time to drop your responsibilities at my online doorstep and come inside to simply relax for a while. Put yourself in the shoes of the characters or sit upon a crescent moon, and dream.

Sometimes you just have to allow the reigns to loosen around your life. Accept that good things are to follow, whether real or imagined. It’s not always about the path we carve, our achievements and success’ in life—but instead—the journey. Leave yourself open, and believe that one card in your hand belongs to fate; throw out a question to the universe and then listen. …..And if you are a writer as well, then keep writing because you never know—what you say may just be the answer to what someone needed to hear at that time.