Who thought the subject of psoriasis could become an award-winning novel about love?

I certainly didn’t, but sitting beside icons such as Anne Perry and Rebecca Forster in Burbank, California last October, that’s exactly what happened. Every author is told at some point on their journey, “Write what you know.” As an author of predominantly military romance and suspense, I create heroines who are feisty and quite attractive. After ten publications, a few best sellers and two other award winners, I sat down at my computer one morning and looked into the darkened screen of my monitor and saw my image reflected back at me.

I’ve lived with a severe case of psoriasis since I was four-years-old. Many times I’ve read posts on social media by young women who think no one could possibly love them because of ‘P’. It saddened me to see their heartache. I started to type and “His Perfect Imperfection” was born. A tale of discovery where every woman who lives with our disorder will see themselves in every page. The psychological warfare we put ourselves through when it comes to our skin is endless. Mika, the heroine, has a quick wit, a ready smile and a close group of friends, but when it comes to romance she steers clear, afraid that no man could fall in love with her. Through Mika’s eyes, readers evolve as she learns love is more than skin deep.

When the host at the Reward of Novel Excellence awards announced “His Perfect Imperfection” as the contemporary romance novel winner of 2016 and the audience roared with applause, I was gobsmacked. But as I walked toward the podium to accept the award, I realized the book held a deeper message for everyone. My husband had been telling me something for years, and finally I understood. We are unique, not flawed. No matter how many scars we endure each time ‘P’ rises up and we go to battle, the disorder cannot stop us from achieving our milestones or accomplishments in this life.

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